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Escondido Car Wraps


SEISMIC SIGNS will be your best friend in marketing your business through custom car wraps and graphics!

custom car wrap

While your employees drive around in their custom-wrapped car, you can provide potential customers with marketing messages, contact information, and publicize your logo everywhere they go. Especially if your business makes use of vehicles in your daily operation, you wouldn’t want to miss out on this marketing avenue to your future customers.

With your vehicle fully customized with your brand, you will have the opportunity to market your business as you travel anywhere. Anyone who can see your vehicle is a potential customer, and one vehicle can reach hundreds of people without changing your daily activities. It’s a very convenient marketing campaign that will be worth the investment in boosting the sales of your business.

Our advice? Don’t miss out and start advertising through your vehicles today.

Call SEISMIC SIGNS today at (760) 492-6620 for a Free Consultation!

High-Visibility Brand Marketing Tool

impactful car graphics

As people go about their daily lives, the number of vehicles passing by does not even register in their eyes, let alone their minds. Whether you drive on a highway or through a quiet town, your vehicle is just like every other vehicle blending in with everything if you don’t give your business an edge.

Now imagine that you’re driving around in a custom car wrap specially made by SEISMIC SIGNS. People will be looking at your car with interest and in awe. They will recognize your business, and calls will come pouring in. Before investing with us, your calls may just have been from people who know your business by word. But now, you will be receiving calls from all over! Sounds good, right?

The majority of your potential customers travel the same routes as you. With SEISMIC SIGNS, you will now start to reach more of these people who will benefit from your services and products. The best part? You don’t have to pay for a more expensive marketing method because you can increase your brand’s visibility just by acquiring our attractive, customized car wraps!

People will always remember everything that stands out. So if you want to be remembered in a good way and increase your revenue while you’re at it, don’t hesitate and get your car wrapped by our sign experts here in SEISMIC SIGNS!

Completely Customized to Your Needs

custom full car wrap

As much as we understand that all companies have their uniqueness, we also want to be your partner in marketing your company in an equally unique way. Your car wrap needs to reflect that. Through our skills and experience, your brand will certainly stand out with professional and impactful elements easily seen even from a long-distance away.

Here in SEISMIC SIGNS, we have a team of seasoned designers willing to assist you in choosing the most appropriate product that will work perfectly for your business goals. Each of our car wrap specialists here in SEISMIC SIGNS is equipped to perfectly complement the shape of your vehicle with design magnets, wraps, and graphics.

Wherever you are in Escondido, we will design, manufacture, and install your desired car wraps. No matter what coverage level will your car wrap demand or what type of vehicle you have, we are sure to cover it with the most attractive, high-quality wrap. We work on the following and more:

From ATV’s to RV’s, SEISMIC SIGNS creates wraps for just about any different type of vehicle you use at work. We create designs that increase your market awareness and pull on new customers. Additionally, we will also modify your car wrap as your business evolves, making sure it always meets the marketing needs of your growing enterprise.

Protect Your Vehicle Investment

custom full car wrap

In SEISMIC SIGNS, we produce car wraps that aren’t just beautifully designed but premium made out of a durable vinyl film. This way, we can ensure that your vehicle’s factory paint job will be thoroughly protected, making it invulnerable against road wear and weathering.

Given that your business vehicle is a substantial and long-term investment, we make sure that every dollar you spend will be worth it. That is why we give you an effective branding tool that will protect the longevity and value of your car, attracting new customers for as long as you need.

We have high standards when it comes to car wrap production, and we know you have highly established expectations as well. Because of this, we have put together a professional team of designers and installers that will handle the entire process from start to finish. This is our way of ensuring that both our standards will be met in a satisfactory manner.

SEISMIC SIGNS knows that only a properly installed car wrap is worthy of your name and ours. So what else is there to think about?

Contact us today and start your marketing campaign with our reasonably priced car wraps!

Complete Wrap Manufacturer

custom vehicle graphic installation

Producing high-quality car wraps is the heart of our successful years of business in Escondido, CA. During the car wrap process, from consultation through installation, during maintenance, and even during wrap removal, you will be assisted by our very dedicated staff.

We promise to listen to your ideas and take them all into consideration as we tackle every step of car wrap design, manufacture, and installation. Rest assured, we will add a whole new layer of visibility to your business and brand through our custom vehicle graphics. To top that off, our products will increase the life of your vehicle, making it a perfectly good investment.

Remember, if you need assistance with wrap repair, removal, or replacement of wrap elements, our professional car wrap team is always ready to assist and get your marketing strategy back on track!

Free Car Wrap Consultation

Escondido Car Wraps sd logoAside from attracting potential patrons to your business, SEISMIC SIGNS is a dedicated provider that will effectively increase your brand visibility and protect your investment. We are your long-term Escondido sign company, dedicated to helping you reach all of your business and marketing goals whenever you need attractive, cohesive vehicle graphics, wraps, or other signage.

Call SEISMIC SIGNS today at (760) 492-6620 for a Free Consultation with a Car Wrap Expert!