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Poway Channel Letters


Your building signage is one of the first things that consumers notice. Especially when designed with captivating letters, an average consumer can turn into a regular customer. It’s the reason why it is essential to place emphasis on the building sign type that you choose since it can be the major factor that will take your business to a higher level. One of the best ones you could go for? Channel letters!

Custom Channel Letter Building SignFor an efficient marketing strategy, you can start with a storefront sign that draws consumers by its letters alone. Channel letters and dimensional letters have grown popular as building signage. Whatever industry or business type, it is a prevalent choice.

The versatility and flexibility that a channel letter sign offers allow it to be customized to meet any business goals or a personal objective. In whatever form you want it to look, such as an illuminated sign, flat dimensional letter, or a custom sign in its entirety, SEISMIC SIGNS can provide you that with ease and style!

SEISMIC SIGNS is a long-time local provider of professional business signs that uses channel and dimensional letters. So for your high-quality signage, look nowhere else. With quick, precise yet reasonably-priced service, we are the right signage partner for your business in Poway.

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Storefront Channel Letters

Custom Channel Letter SignOne of the most requested storefront signs is a channel letter sign. Channel letters are a three-dimensional sign crafted mostly from metal, sometimes plastic, to create individual cut elements such as letters, numbers, symbols, or images.

These elements can be individually lit for maximum visibility. They can also be perfectly aligned and secured in a backing frame or mounted directly to your building’s façade. Channel letters can be covered with a durable acrylic top of any color or left transparent in the level you want for a customized look. Additionally, the letters are in bold form for increased attractiveness.

You can do so much with channel letters. You can either spell out your business’ name, slogan or include your logo in the sign. It also comes in a wide array of colors, sizes, fonts, and style options so you can mix and match the design for a unique look. This 3D signage is indeed eye-catching and dynamic, which makes it easier for business owners to attract potential customers.

Big and popular businesses opt for this signage type because it appears striking and more professional. Channel letters are proven to fit in every establishment, whether it be malls, cafés, schools, churches, or other organizations.

Dimensional Letters

Storefront Sign

Just like channel letters, dimensional letters also consist of individually created elements cut from solid sheets of acrylic or other types of materials. However, unlike channel letters, it does not contain a hollow space for illumination and does not appear in 3D. Aside from that, everything else is similar to channel letters.

You can also customize dimensional letters according to your style and preference. It comes in various sizes, styles, typefaces, colors, and even variance in thickness, ranging from deep flat to several inches thick. You can control how dimensional your sign will look.

Dimensional letters are perfect for retail stores, mall, offices, diners, and is ideal for indoor and lobby signs. SEISMIC SIGNS creates captivating dimensional letters that match and highlight your brand, effectively promoting your business with high-quality and durable signage materials.

Backlit & Illuminated Channel Signs

Lighted Sign

Plain channel letters already stand out; how much more when it is illuminated?

With the addition of LED, letters create a “halo effect” like that of an angel that seems to guard your business against nearby competitors as it appears more noticeable and outstanding from that of others. Especially when night falls, or poor weather condition prevails, illuminated channel signs serve as a light post for passers-by, attracting new customers along the way.

Backlit and illuminated signs are ideal for businesses in Poway, CA that open and function from late afternoon until early morning. Proven by different business through years of usage, the lighting in your signage truly makes a big difference in your ability to attract new customers.

Nightclubs, theaters, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, internet cafés, comedy clubs, and 24/7 convenience stores commonly operate with lighted signs.

Free Channel Letter Sign Consultation

Poway Channel Letters sd logoSEISMIC SIGNS promises to continue providing you a satisfactory service with fast turn times, quality products, and excellent customer support. Our dedicated and experienced team of staff is always ready to guide and assist you throughout your signage project.

SEISMIC SIGNS aims to be your long-term signage partner who will serve you with our best throughout the end of your business. When the need for channel letters comes, contact no one else but the best signage provider in Poway.

Call SEISMIC SIGNS today at (760) 492-6620 for a Free Channel Letter Sign Consultation!